World Cup 2012 – Staff. 

Click here to download the Staff Application Form

The organising committee of the World Cup are looking for people interested in working as volunteers for the ITF World Cup in Brighton. Please find attached an application form to complete and return to before 5th September.


People working at the World Cup will get to be part of what will be one of the biggest TKD tournaments in the UK and Europe for years. They will get:

  • Free entry when they are not working, to the Competition (Finals etc...)
  • Lunch and dinner for free from Wednesday until Sunday night
  • 2 x World Cup Staff T shirts to use for the four days
  • free entry to the World Cup Party on Sunday evening
  • Subsidised accommodation in Brighton from Tuesday night until Monday morning (if required)
  • Train discounts will also be given if travelling each day.

This is an ideal opportunity for those who wish to be part of the event, but are not a high enough grade to either compete or to be a referee. Or maybe they don't want to compete but want to experience a tournament of this level. Only those who are over 16yrs can apply.