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October 4th – 7th, 2012


The Brighton Centre
Kings Road,
East Sussex


International Taekwon-Do Federation (I.T.F.)


Vision Taekwon-Do Association


Vision Taekwon-Do Association 
7 Sefton Way 
East Sussex
TN6 2TE 
Tel: 0044 1892 610598 


This competition is for ITF affiliated schools, clubs and/or gym members from the promoting Federation except in special cases where personal invitations have been sent out. Any school, club or gym affiliated to our ITF through their National or Allied Association may directly send the application forms to the organising committee with a copy to the NA or AA. Any non-members interested in participating in these Championships must seek permission from our National or Allied members.

Visit: for association details


There will not be any sparring equipment to rent or borrow during the World Cup, each participant/club must provide their own based on the guidelines in the document above.

Competitors – Team Competition Entrance fees:

➢ Individuals: US$135,00 (all competitors)

➢ Teams: US$65,00

➢ Team Pre Free Arranged Sparring: free of charge

Non ITF Members from the Promoting organisation

➢ Individuals: US$195,00 (all competitors)

➢ Teams: US$100,00

➢ Team Pre Free Arranged Sparring: free of charge


Entry Changes

Please note that changes to entries made after the 3rd deadline will incur a charge of US$35 each. Once a competitor has entered an event(s) no refunds will be given if the competitor decides to withdraw from an event(s).


At the weigh-in day Wednesday 3rd October, 2012 if any competitor has not made their weight they will be disqualified from that event.


The Organising Committee is not responsible for any injuries. All participants must have full insurance cover for any injuries.


The organising Committee will inform the British Embassies and Consulates about the World Cup. If you need a visa you must first contact us then contact the British Embassy or Consulate in your country.


From Tuesday 2nd October 2012, 9.00- 21.00 to Wednesday 3rd October 2012 8.00- 12.00 and 15.00-18.00 Attention!!

  • ID Cards shall NOT be issued after Wednesday 18.00 hrs
  • Umpires must attend the 6 hour meeting starting at 9am on Wednesday 3rd October
  • Anyone not accommodated in the hotels by the organiser will need to pay $100 for the id card.

All participants, supporters, coaches, umpires and others must proceed to the meeting point: Imperial Hotel, First Avenue  Brighton and Hove, East Sussex BN3 2GU on 2nd October and on 3rd October The Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2GR, England. At The Brighton Centre where any non-registered Black Belts must show their Degree ID Card and all competitors must show their Passports.

On arrival and confirmation of payments you shall receive the hotel voucher and the Championships ID Card. After this procedure we shall take you to your designated hotel.


The 1st deadline is 15th July 2012 – By this date you must have completed the hotel booking form and returned it to us with 50% payment of the total hotel fee made by bank transfer.

The 2nd deadline is 15th August 2012 – By this date you must make the final 50% payment of the hotel fee and you must have completed the individual and team competitors entry forms. Please compete the forms available at under Register Now (Will be available from June 2012)

All Payments: 
Sort code: 20-88-13 
Account: 93736474 
IBAN: GB38 BARC 2088 1393 7364 74

Please ensure that you indicate which group you are with using the unique reference number on your invoice.

The 3rd and last deadline is 17th September 2012 – By this date any changes to competitors names, events or categories must be made and finalised. We have to know all final details concerning the competitors, at least 50% of all competition entry fees must be paid by bank transfer by this date.

Please ensure that the forms are completed correctly, as any mistakes will result in a further charges and/or disqualification.

World Cup 2012 – Umpire participation. 

Click here to download the Umpire Application Form

In order to participate at the World Cup 2012 as an Umpire, each national team, club and/or school must provide Umpires based on the following criteria:

  • Participation from 1 to 5 competitors – Umpire not required but Welcome.
  • Participation from 6 to 25 competitors – one (1) Qualified “A” or “B” ITF Umpire required.
  • Participation from 26 and more competitors – two (2) Qualified “A” or “B” ITF Umpires required.

N.B.: National team(s), club(s) and or school(s) NOT participating with Umpires shall pay a fine of € 250 for each missing Umpire.

Umpires must be in possession of and fulfill the following:

  • 2nd to 8th degree ITF degree Black Belt Certificate
  • “A” or “B” Class ITF Umpire Certificate
  • They must be active at National and or International Events during the years 2011 and 2012
  • They must have participated at one (1) or more ITF and/or Continental Umpire Course(s) during the last three (3) years.
  • They must have participated at one (1) or more International Instructor Course (IIC) in during the last three (3) years
  • They must attend the six (6) hours Umpire Seminar to be held at the 2012 World Cup.

The National team(s), club(s) and or school(s) must supply on or before July 1st, 2012 the excel file called “ 2012 World Cup Umpire Application Form” in order to request the candidates participation. The candidate shall receive the participation confirmation by e-mail on or before August 1st, 2012 in order he/she has enough time to book his/her travel.

The selected Umpires shall be divided into according their experience in:

  • Jury Presidents
  • Pattern Referees
  • Centre Referees for Sparring
  • Corner Referees for Sparring
  • Power & Special Technique Referees


  • Umpires NOT officiating according to the rules and regulations
  • Umpires NOT attending the 6 hours course Umpire
  • Umpires NOT being present during event when requested

shall not receive a daily expenses amount and shall be removed from the Umpire Hotel

Umpires shall be accommodated at:

The Imperial Hotel 
First Avenue, Hove, 
East Sussex 


  • Any extra days need to be paid by the Umpire.
  • Umpires will share a twin room randomly.
  • Umpires wishing a single will pay the difference of GBP £20.00 per day.

Participating Umpires shall receive from the organizing committee:

  • 7 days/6 nights hotel accommodation (Tuesday to Monday) including a full board arrangement (breakfast, lunch and dinner) accommodated in twin rooms.
  • Umpires may share the room with someone other than another Umpire however they must pay the requested room fee set by the organizer.
  • Memory gift(s)

Participating Umpires shall receive from the ITF:

  • A daily expenses amount
  • An ITF certificate of participation